Young CMI Norway is the youth organization of the Comité  Maritime International ”CMI”. The Comité Maritime International (“CMI”) is the oldest organization in the world that is exclusively concerned with the unification of maritime law and related commercial practices.The “younger” branch was founded in December 2002 by the CMI. The CMI was one of the first NGOs to be granted consultative status by the IMO. It has always regarded it as a privilege to co-operate with and work closely with IMO on many pressing maritime law issues of the day. To that end, it has sent and continues to send Observers to virtually all meetings of the IMO Legal Committee.

YCMIN’s goal is to give the Norwegian Maritime Law Association’s under 40s members a professional, educational and social platform, as well as to contribute to the work being done in the Maritime Association.

We arrange high profile events where the aim is to raise the competence and interest of the maritime industry. Furthermore, it is our mission and goal to preserve and strengthen collaboration amongst the younger professionals with an interest in maritime issues.

To hold membership you need to be a member of the Maritime Association and under 40 years of age.

If you want to know more about our work and our events, please contact the board (see right column). Elsewhere on the site you will also find a registration form and enrollment in the email list for those who do not have personal or company membership.


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